The Best Ads Programs

When I was running a moderately successful blog all those years back, I seriously considered making it a full-time job. It offered a lot of benefits. I could work from home. I would be much more in control of my time. And I would be making money out of something I love doing. Not many people can say that about their full-time jobs. I did a few research and I realized in order for me to push my blog from a side gig into a full-time money-maker was by connecting it with an ad program that can monetize the traffic that’s coming into my site. In the end, I decided against it, opting instead to look for an online job that’s connected to my career. I still have my blog but I keep it as a form of stress reliever. Still, I did learn a few things about the best ad programs out there and I would like to share that knowledge with others.

Top Ad Programs


I have heard this is one of the best ad programs out there. Their services cover all kinds of screen types making it a popular option for many webmasters. What I like about PropellerAd is its ease of use. Once you’ve registered, all you need to do is add your domain and verify that you own it. They also offer real-time reporting which is perfect for webmasters who are particular about the data in their site.


This is another great ad network that many webmasters of any level prefer to use. They offer an anti-adblocker feature that makes sure you monetize all your traffic. Their minimum payout is a lot cheaper than PropellerAds, only $50 to their $100 and they don’t charge for any transaction fees. Their interface is also quite modern and very easy to use. I would truly recommend this ad program to anyone.


For those sites with a high traffic, Adbuff is the perfect ad network. They offer both CPM and CPC ads with 100% fill rate. They don’t just allow admittance from anyone, in order to get an approved account; a site should have at least 2000 unique visitors every day. Their user interface is easy to use and they offer app versions for Android and iOS which makes it easy to check your revenue through mobile.

Conversant Media

One of the popular names in the digital advertising industry, Conversant Media has helped many sites achieve their goals for many years. Their minimum payout is $25 and in order to sign up, a site should be of high quality with at least 3,000 unique visitors every month. They are a great alternative for sites that can’t get into other programs due to high traffic requirements.


Considered to be a premium ad program, ClickADu offers a forecast feature that shows users how much money they are earning in the current period. What I love about ClickADu is their transparency. It’s very easy to monitor traffic and how it gets converted to revenue for your site.

How to Make Facebook Ads

Facebook has seeped into almost every aspect of human life. Almost every single person I know has a Facebook account and among those, a majority of them visit the site on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that a lot of businesses have invested a lot of efforts in promoting their products and services through Facebook. While Facebook is a free service, they mostly get their revenues from the ads that businesses pay for. And because of Facebook’s unique strategy, they not only showcase ads in discreet locations on their site, but they specifically target audience who are more likely to respond to them. They do this through studying the behaviors of their users while they’re using their site. This makes Facebook a highly profitable venture for businesses to invest in.

Creating a Facebook Ad


A Facebook ad should have a clear call-to-action or CTA. This means, upon seeing the ad, the audience should know what they are expected to do. CTAs don’t have to be too complicated. They can be as simple as asking users to follow the brand’s page, clicking on the “Subscribe” button, or liking their recent posts. Most Facebook ads are geared towards brand awareness and companies achieve this by amassing a huge audience for them to showcase their products. Some ads are about the product itself so an appropriate CTA would be to click on the link for customers to find out more information.

Create a Clear Headline

Every Facebook ad should make their messaging abundantly clear to their audience. Messy headlines can be annoying to people’s feed so creating a clear and conversational one will only make them more interesting to the audience. An example of an effective headline usually involves a clever or funny phrase. Sometimes it’s a clear message telling people the benefits of the product. There is no one perfect method to create a headline, but brands can try their hands at different ways at creating an interesting headline for their ad.

Use an Appropriate Image

For a Facebook ad to be effective, a creative headline is only part of the solution, it should also come with a creative image. I have seen a lot of ads on Facebook with quite engaging messages but the image they used has no value whatsoever. It’s very clear they lifted it off a site like Pinterest and plastered it into their site without any second thought. If the messaging of an ad is a painting, then its frame should be the image. It should not distract but enhances its meaning. I have seen a number of effective campaigns that use colorful images to draw the attention of users.

Add More Details in the Description Area

A Facebook ad can only contain so much information before it becomes overkill. But additional information can be added in the description space. Anticipated questions can be answered here. It can also be used to reduce some friction that many viewers feel when they see a Facebook ad that requires action.

Affiliate Marketing Guide

A few years ago, I started a blog. I never really had any plans of making money out of it, it was purely a way for me to express my stifled creativity due to the monotony that my day job provided. I started slow, posting content only a few times a week. But eventually, I started to enjoy what I was doing and began posting written content as well as pictures a couple of times a day. I would schedule my posts to upload certain times of the day so even when I was at work, my followers would still be able to see my current posts. In a year’s time, I’ve amassed a significant number of followers, enough that a few brands approached me to be their affiliate blog. I didn’t understand this at that time, but what I was doing was a form of marketing called affiliate marketing. Affiliates would post content to their platform about the brand’s products and each customer they brought in, they will receive a corresponding reward. In this case, they were offering me a monetary incentive. For bloggers like me, it was a great way to earn an extra income while doing something you love.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Basically, what affiliate marketing means is it is a type of commission-based marketing strategy that rewards the affiliates for the customers they bring to the business. A blogger, like myself, will select a certain product that I like and promote it to my followers and if they purchase the product, I make a profit also. In short, affiliate marketing is spreading the product to as many audiences as possible and the parties involved receive a piece of the profit.

The Parties

In affiliate marketing, there are three parties involved: the merchant, the affiliate, and the consumer. The merchant is basically the seller or the brand. They are the ones that create the product and they get the biggest cut of the profit. The affiliate, or publisher, is the one that spreads the product to their audience or followers. Normally, they promote multiple products and they have the tough job of convincing buyers the value of the products. Affiliates are usually individuals or they could be a big company. Consumers, as the name suggests, are the ones that buy the products. Consumers are usually fans or followers of the affiliate and therefore heed most of their advice.

Becoming an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business especially if you have a strong online presence. But it is a hard road. Many have attempted to make a significant profit out of affiliate marketing but eventually failed. I spent a huge chunk of my free time and effort to gain my followers. How to gain a strong online presence could be a whole topic in itself but basically, to get a significant audience to pay attention to your blog or content, you must have an interesting and relevant content. I find that posting regularly also helps, as well as engaging with your followers.

How to Advertise an Online Casino

For years that I’ve been playing at online casinos, I have had my fair share of experience at their promotional strategies. Some of them I find very effective while others I find to be lackluster. But it can’t be denied that they are integral in a casino’s success. Without it, customers would have no clue as to the games they offer or the promotions they currently have. Like many businesses now, online casinos also realized the importance of advertising to increase their chances of success. Many of these establishments have spent many time and effort in ensuring that they stand out against the competition and draw as many players into their doorsteps. They use creative ways of grabbing people’s attention, from colorful landing pages to Facebook ads. A few ideas to promote online casinos are listed below.

Promoting Online Casinos

Content Marketing

Any wise marketer will know that in order to draw in audience, a business’ site has to have engaging content. Not all content has to be on the website itself, they could be articles and press releases that guide readers towards the landing page of the casino. Content could also include infographs, strategies, and tips for beginners to consume. It should aim to encourage players to try their luck with the casino. I admit, I started getting curious about online casinos because of an article I read about its merits over land-based casinos.

Bonuses and Free Spins

Not many people can ignore the allure of freebies, and many casinos, land-based or online, know this. They know that in order for customers to keep playing, they should first let them try out the games with too many consequences. That’s why they offer these bonuses and free plays. Some of the casinos even go so far as foroffering no withdrawal limits together with the bonuses. This means the money that players win out of these bonuses can be withdrawn quickly.


One way that I’ve observed casinos do to keep their players playing with them is through tournaments. I have joined a few of them and plan to join more in the future. These tournaments are a great way to draw in players and audience because they offer bigger prize and an exciting atmosphere. My friends and I are always looking forward to tournaments as players or even as audience members. Tournaments can be small, involving a few players, or big with hundreds of players all competing with one another.

Use Social Media

While using Facebook, I constantly see ad after ad telling me the great promotions that await me in such and such casino. I admit they are quite enticing but years of experience have made me a loyal customer in only a few online casinos so I tend to ignore these ads. But I must admit using social media to advertise their deals and games is quite ingenious. I know a lot of my friends are regularly drawn to these FB ads about a bonus or great deal a casino is offering.

Best Online Advertisement Tips

Digital advertising has become integral in our modern times. All business, no matter the size, should be doing digital advertising in their marketing strategy in order for them to succeed. Digital advertising helps grow a business’ online presence, as well as help grow their conversions and sales. It has allowed many businesses to expand their reach to a much wider and broader audience. But it’s not enough to simply dive into it thinking that is all it takes. Like all other marketing strategies, this requires planning and effort. The design of the ad, the channel used, and its messaging should all be wisely considered in order to make the ad as effective as possible.

Top Five Tips for Effective Advertisement

Be Creative

Let’s face it, there’s absolutely no chance that people will glance at an ad that’s bland, boring, and dated. People are looking for fresh and exciting ideas and marketing strategies should consider this in formulating an effective ad. Success ad campaigns have always been colorful, fresh, and intriguing. It should stand out against the competition and should be moving for customers to want to know more about it.

Use Social Media

More than half the world has one form of social media or another. Like that internet, social media sites are ubiquitous and have been carved into the fabric of human life. Businesses should know to capitalize on the vast opportunities that social media platforms offer. To start, they should have a social media company account and build their followers and increase their online presence. But businesses should also understand that likes and shares do not necessarily translate to revenue. There is a relationship but it is not a set rule. They can, however, use the data to predict how the audience will react to their ads.

Find Your Target Audience

Nowadays, it’s important that all businesses appeal to specific audiences that are more likely to respond than appealing to a wide audience that has little interest in what they have to offer. Businesses should do extensive research to figure out who their ideal students are and how to reach out to them effectively. Businesses need to understand what their target audience is like, what platform they prefer, and what their needs are.

Buying Process

Customers have a very different buying behavior now than they had a decade ago. We are more informed and even more connected. They don’t go into stores clueless; a lot of them already have a good idea of what they want. Business should understand this new trend in behavior and work it to their advantage. They should have ads that make it easy for customers to make the decision and choose them over the competition.

Spending Smart

Businesses should be wise about the resources they allocate in their ads. Not all ads are perfect and not all of them are right for their brand. They need to analyze which channels they need to pay more attention and spend more effort on.

How to Work from Home

I realized early on that a career that requires me to work regular hours would never be something I’ll be good at. One, my sleep schedule is crazy. There are days I would wake up at 5 in the morning, and there are days I would not wake up until 3 in the afternoon. I have issues with authority and would always find little ways to rebel. And, most importantly, I really love that I am in control of my time. I like the idea that I can travel anywhere at any time without fear of losing my job. I have had my fair share of online jobs and almost all of them have been fruitful and life-changing. I have no plans, at least in the foreseeable future, of going back to working a 9 to 5 job stuck in an office being bossed around by people I don’t even like. So for anyone curious enough how it is working from home, or working remotely, here are my two cents.

An Honest Guide to Working at Home

You pretty much run the show

While some online jobs have some sort of supervisor that guides and coordinates workers with the tasks, the rest of the time you are left to your own device. My first online job was for a transcription company and I have complete control of my workload and schedule. I can opt to work that day or not. How much work I get done in a day is purely up to me. And I decide on the jobs I want to work on any given day. The amount of freedom I had was very exciting and at the same time scary. It took a few months for me to adjust but eventually, I got the hang of it.

Choose Jobs Wisely

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, though. There are jobs out there that, although labeled as “work from home,” demand the kind of workload and schedule as that of regular office jobs. Some people prefer this. They get the rigidity and predictability of a regular office job without leaving the comfort of their home. I try to stir clear from this, opting instead to choose jobs with more flexibility when it comes to the schedule and workload.


This goes without saying, working online means you have to have a computer or at least a tablet with a decent keyboard. You’ll also need to have a stable internet connection. I would also recommend opening an e-Wallet account such as PayPal and connecting it to your bank account. Most online jobs pay their workers this way and it would speed up the process of getting paid when you have an account ready.

Finding Your Groove

The term “Work from home” does not necessarily mean that you really have to just work from your home. I find that it helps my productivity if I change my work environment every now and then. While I do spend a lot of time working at home, it can drive me crazy being cooped up inside for too long. Sometimes I take my work at a nearby coffee shop as a change of scenery. And every now and then I leave the city to spend a few weeks working at a remote location.