How to Make Facebook Ads

Facebook has seeped into almost every aspect of human life. Almost every single person I know has a Facebook account and among those, a majority of them visit the site on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that a lot of businesses have invested a lot of efforts in promoting their products and services through Facebook. While Facebook is a free service, they mostly get their revenues from the ads that businesses pay for. And because of Facebook’s unique strategy, they not only showcase ads in discreet locations on their site, but they specifically target audience who are more likely to respond to them. They do this through studying the behaviors of their users while they’re using their site. This makes Facebook a highly profitable venture for businesses to invest in.

Creating a Facebook Ad


A Facebook ad should have a clear call-to-action or CTA. This means, upon seeing the ad, the audience should know what they are expected to do. CTAs don’t have to be too complicated. They can be as simple as asking users to follow the brand’s page, clicking on the “Subscribe” button, or liking their recent posts. Most Facebook ads are geared towards brand awareness and companies achieve this by amassing a huge audience for them to showcase their products. Some ads are about the product itself so an appropriate CTA would be to click on the link for customers to find out more information.

Create a Clear Headline

Every Facebook ad should make their messaging abundantly clear to their audience. Messy headlines can be annoying to people’s feed so creating a clear and conversational one will only make them more interesting to the audience. An example of an effective headline usually involves a clever or funny phrase. Sometimes it’s a clear message telling people the benefits of the product. There is no one perfect method to create a headline, but brands can try their hands at different ways at creating an interesting headline for their ad.

Use an Appropriate Image

For a Facebook ad to be effective, a creative headline is only part of the solution, it should also come with a creative image. I have seen a lot of ads on Facebook with quite engaging messages but the image they used has no value whatsoever. It’s very clear they lifted it off a site like Pinterest and plastered it into their site without any second thought. If the messaging of an ad is a painting, then its frame should be the image. It should not distract but enhances its meaning. I have seen a number of effective campaigns that use colorful images to draw the attention of users.

Add More Details in the Description Area

A Facebook ad can only contain so much information before it becomes overkill. But additional information can be added in the description space. Anticipated questions can be answered here. It can also be used to reduce some friction that many viewers feel when they see a Facebook ad that requires action.