How to Work from Home

I realized early on that a career that requires me to work regular hours would never be something I’ll be good at. One, my sleep schedule is crazy. There are days I would wake up at 5 in the morning, and there are days I would not wake up until 3 in the afternoon. I have issues with authority and would always find little ways to rebel. And, most importantly, I really love that I am in control of my time. I like the idea that I can travel anywhere at any time without fear of losing my job. I have had my fair share of online jobs and almost all of them have been fruitful and life-changing. I have no plans, at least in the foreseeable future, of going back to working a 9 to 5 job stuck in an office being bossed around by people I don’t even like. So for anyone curious enough how it is working from home, or working remotely, here are my two cents.

An Honest Guide to Working at Home

You pretty much run the show

While some online jobs have some sort of supervisor that guides and coordinates workers with the tasks, the rest of the time you are left to your own device. My first online job was for a transcription company and I have complete control of my workload and schedule. I can opt to work that day or not. How much work I get done in a day is purely up to me. And I decide on the jobs I want to work on any given day. The amount of freedom I had was very exciting and at the same time scary. It took a few months for me to adjust but eventually, I got the hang of it.

Choose Jobs Wisely

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, though. There are jobs out there that, although labeled as “work from home,” demand the kind of workload and schedule as that of regular office jobs. Some people prefer this. They get the rigidity and predictability of a regular office job without leaving the comfort of their home. I try to stir clear from this, opting instead to choose jobs with more flexibility when it comes to the schedule and workload.


This goes without saying, working online means you have to have a computer or at least a tablet with a decent keyboard. You’ll also need to have a stable internet connection. I would also recommend opening an e-Wallet account such as PayPal and connecting it to your bank account. Most online jobs pay their workers this way and it would speed up the process of getting paid when you have an account ready.

Finding Your Groove

The term “Work from home” does not necessarily mean that you really have to just work from your home. I find that it helps my productivity if I change my work environment every now and then. While I do spend a lot of time working at home, it can drive me crazy being cooped up inside for too long. Sometimes I take my work at a nearby coffee shop as a change of scenery. And every now and then I leave the city to spend a few weeks working at a remote location.