The Best Ads Programs

When I was running a moderately successful blog all those years back, I seriously considered making it a full-time job. It offered a lot of benefits. I could work from home. I would be much more in control of my time. And I would be making money out of something I love doing. Not many people can say that about their full-time jobs. I did a few research and I realized in order for me to push my blog from a side gig into a full-time money-maker was by connecting it with an ad program that can monetize the traffic that’s coming into my site. In the end, I decided against it, opting instead to look for an online job that’s connected to my career. I still have my blog but I keep it as a form of stress reliever. Still, I did learn a few things about the best ad programs out there and I would like to share that knowledge with others.

Top Ad Programs


I have heard this is one of the best ad programs out there. Their services cover all kinds of screen types making it a popular option for many webmasters. What I like about PropellerAd is its ease of use. Once you’ve registered, all you need to do is add your domain and verify that you own it. They also offer real-time reporting which is perfect for webmasters who are particular about the data in their site.


This is another great ad network that many webmasters of any level prefer to use. They offer an anti-adblocker feature that makes sure you monetize all your traffic. Their minimum payout is a lot cheaper than PropellerAds, only $50 to their $100 and they don’t charge for any transaction fees. Their interface is also quite modern and very easy to use. I would truly recommend this ad program to anyone.


For those sites with a high traffic, Adbuff is the perfect ad network. They offer both CPM and CPC ads with 100% fill rate. They don’t just allow admittance from anyone, in order to get an approved account; a site should have at least 2000 unique visitors every day. Their user interface is easy to use and they offer app versions for Android and iOS which makes it easy to check your revenue through mobile.

Conversant Media

One of the popular names in the digital advertising industry, Conversant Media has helped many sites achieve their goals for many years. Their minimum payout is $25 and in order to sign up, a site should be of high quality with at least 3,000 unique visitors every month. They are a great alternative for sites that can’t get into other programs due to high traffic requirements.


Considered to be a premium ad program, ClickADu offers a forecast feature that shows users how much money they are earning in the current period. What I love about ClickADu is their transparency. It’s very easy to monitor traffic and how it gets converted to revenue for your site.